How to use the Steam Notes feature?

Hello. I heard about the new Steam Notes feature but I am not sure how I can use it.More
Optimize   June 23, 2023  

How to enable dark mode in Google Docs?

Hi. I am using Google Docs a lot for my job, and quite a lot of it is done at night.More
Optimize   June 14, 2023  

How to put accents on letters in Windows?

Hello. Is there a way to type characters with accents on Windows?More
Optimize   June 08, 2023  

How to change Taskbar position in Windows?

Hello. I was wondering how to move the taskbar to a different place in Windows.More
Optimize   May 27, 2023  

How to remove Bing AI in Microsoft Edge?

Hello. Is there a way to remove Bing AI from Microsoft Edge on my Windows PC? More
Optimize   May 09, 2023  

How to remove previous Windows installations?

Hello. Is there a way to delete previous Windows installations to free up space? More
Optimize   May 06, 2023  

How to install Google Bard as an app on Windows?

Hello. Is there a way to install Bard as an application in Windows?More
Optimize   May 02, 2023  

How to change image thumbnail size in Windows?

Hello, I have very poor vision as an older person, so I'd like to see the thumbnails of my photos better.More
Optimize   April 27, 2023  

How to change desktop icon spacing in Windows?

Hello. I was wondering if it is possible to change the spacing between icons in Windows.More
Optimize   April 22, 2023  

How to set an Alarm in Windows?

Hello, I was wondering how to set up an alarm in Windows. Maybe you could provide steps to do so because I am quite a novice when it comes to computers.More
Optimize   April 21, 2023  

How to pause Windows updates?

Hello. I am going on vacation for an extended period of time, and I want my Windows updates to be paused so that my PC wouldn't randomly restart or shut down. More
Optimize   April 19, 2023  

How to disable "Shake to minimize" in Windows?

I would like to disable the "Shake to minimize" feature in Windows.More
Optimize   April 17, 2023  

How to check which Windows version was installed before?

Hello. Is it possible to find out which version of Windows was previously installed on my PC?More
Optimize   April 02, 2023  

How to switch from using PIN to password in Windows 11?

Hello. I want to use a password instead of a PIN to sign into Windows 11.More
Optimize   March 28, 2023  

How to disable Sleep Mode in Windows?

Hello. Is there a way to disable Sleep Mode in Windows? My PC keeps going to sleep when I leave it for a longer time.More
Optimize   March 25, 2023