How to enable or disable Taskbar Overflow Menu in Windows 11?

Hello. How can I revert to the previous taskbar behavior where all my open apps were readily visible with a single click, as opposed to the current setup where I have to navigate through a Taskbar Overflow Menu after an update? More
Optimize   November 17, 2023  

How to prevent YouTube from blocking Adblock?

Hello. I noticed that I can no longer use Adblock on YouTube, and it's really annoying.More
Optimize   November 13, 2023  

How to change file type on Windows?

Hello. I was wondering if I could change the file types on my Windows PC.More
Optimize   November 08, 2023  

How to remove filename character length restrictions in Windows?

Hello. Is there a way to remove filename character length restrictions on Windows?More
Optimize   November 07, 2023  

How to enable Group Policy for Windows 10 and 11 Home editions?

Hello. I was wondering if there is a way to install the Local Group Policy if I have Windows Home Edition.More
Optimize   November 07, 2023  

How to permanently disable Handsfree Telephony for a Bluetooth device in Windows?

I need to disable Handsfree Telephony on Windows to make my headphones work in Microsoft Teams.More
Optimize   October 26, 2023  

How to permanently delete Microsoft account?

So I have recently purchased Mac so I will be moving on from my Windows PC.More
Optimize   October 25, 2023  

How to disable volume change sound effect in Windows?

Hello. Is there a way to disable the annoying sound that appears every time you make a volume change on Windows? More
Optimize   October 18, 2023  

How to activate Windows after BIOS update?

I am unable to activate Windows 11 after updating my BIOS. This is so strange because I have not changed any hardware - my license should not be tied to the version of BIOS I'm running.More
Optimize   October 16, 2023  

How to disable Bing Chat AI in Windows search?

Hello. I cannot find a way to disable Bing AI in Windows search.More
Optimize   October 10, 2023  

How to turn off OneDrive notifications in Windows?

Hello. Is there a way to disable OneDrive notifications? They are driving me crazy! More
Optimize   October 04, 2023  

How to stop Microsoft Edge from installing automatically in Windows?

Hello. I uninstalled Microsoft Edge from my Windows PC but it keeps reinstalling automatically by itself.More
Optimize   October 03, 2023  

What is DXCache (DirectX Shader Cache) and how to delete it?

I was analyzing my hard drive, and I saw that DXCache is taking up a lot of space within the NVIDIA folder.More
Optimize   September 19, 2023  

How to fix System using too much data in Windows?

I am on a limited data plan, and ever since I upgraded to Windows 11, I've noticed that I use a lot of data in the background.More
Optimize   September 12, 2023  

How to enable Enhanced Taskbar in Windows 11?

Hi, I have heard there are some changes to the taskbar in the newest version of Windows 11.More
Optimize   July 10, 2023