How to remove "Trending in NBA" from Windows lockscreen?

When I boot my PC and access the lock screen, I keep seeing the "Trending in the NBA" widget showing me NBA news.More
Optimize   May 17, 2024  

How to fix duplicate desktop backgrounds across different computers in Windows?

How can my living room computer automatically update its desktop background with an image edited on my bedroom computer, despite not having the file and no visible network connection between the two?More
Optimize   May 09, 2024  

How to use Microsoft Office 365 for free?

Hello. I recently purchased a new PC and wondered if I could use Microsoft 365 for free.More
Optimize   April 26, 2024  

[Fix] Click clock to view calendar is not present on second monitor

I have a double-monitor setup and I've noticed that I can't view the calendar in mt second one.More
Optimize   April 22, 2024  

How to change the default location of User profile folders in Windows 11?

Hello. I would like to know how to move my default user folder to another location so that all the temp and other data would accumulate in the new location instead. More
Optimize   April 19, 2024  

How to enable hidden files in Windows 11?

Hey, I was going through some troubleshooting and I needed to enter the Windows apps folder but I can't see the folder I'm supposed to.More
Optimize   March 25, 2024  

How to disable Microsoft search bar on desktop in Windows?

Hey. For a few months now, I keep getting this annoying search bar in the middle of my wallpaper from Microsoft Edge.More
Optimize   March 13, 2024  

How to disable Caps Lock notification in Windows?

Hello. Whenever I play a game, sometimes when I press a shortcut accidentally, I receive a "Caps Lock Off" notification in the middle of my screen, which takes me out of the game and it's really annoying.More
Optimize   March 13, 2024  

How to remove Recycle Bin from desktop in Windows?

Hello everyone. How can I remove the Recycle Bin icon from my desktop in Windows?More
Optimize   February 28, 2024  

How to remove default Keyboard Language in Windows?

Hi, I have two languages on my keyboard - one of my own country that English.More
Optimize   February 15, 2024  

How to remove "Subscription expired. Update payment to keep Microsoft 365" notification in Windows?

Hello. I keep receiving a "Subscription expired. Update payment to keep Microsoft 365" notification on my Windows PC.More
Optimize   January 18, 2024  

How to enable Auto-login on Windows?

I currently have a PIN setup on my PC and I don't want to use it anymore.More
Optimize   January 16, 2024  

How to stop Zoom from suppressing music in Windows?

I need Zoom to pick up music I'm playing in the background, yet it doesn't.More
Optimize   January 03, 2024  

How to enable desktop background stickers in Windows 11?

Hello. I was wondering how to enable desktop stickers in Windows 11.More
Optimize   December 21, 2023  

How to transfer multiple photos at once in Phone Link?

Hello. I can't seem to figure out how to transfer multiple photos at once using Phone Link.More
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